We fade in on lean and tight Rad Grand sitting on the sofa admiring the body sculpting work from all the working out he has been doing. Loosening his shirt reveals an incredibly cut six-pack and chest; smooth and tight. Rad reaches down and loosens his jeans as he feels his manhood roaring to excitement. As he stands Rad’s jeans hit the floor, his belt buckle making a loud thud as it hits the floor. Or was that the loud thud of Rad’s rock hard cock slapping his tummy as he drops his pants. Rad lies back on the sofa, his incredible body laid out for all to admire. As he works his cock and balls Rad positions himself in different places on the sofa ensuring our camera gets a view of every single inch of his body. It’s not long before he pulls his legs back so that he can get to his sweet ass with one hand while he continues to work his cock with the other. Kneeling down on the floor, Rad spreads his legs and momentarily all the jerking anticipation pays off as Rad shoots a thick, creamy load of jizz all over his leg and cock. With a satisfied look Rad lies back on the sofa and gives the camera a very satisfied smile and wink of the eye.
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