Marek Koutny and Nicco White had always wanted to do a video; but, never had the opportunity until now. Both guys have two things in common; they are both shy and they both have rather large endowments. As they nervously strip down, the kissing begins and the excitement builds as these two realize they are naked together and the camera crew is watching. Lying on the sofa Nicco begins working Marek’s cock with his mouth and tongue. Marek reaches around, has Nicco’s cock in his hand and works it while Nicco blows him. Feeling Nicco’s cock thickening in his hand, Marek sits up, leans over and swallows every thick inch of Nicco’s dick, right down to his pubic hair. It’s not long until Nicco has his ass in the air directly in from of Marek’s face and he goes back to sucking Marek’s cock. Marek’s fingers begin playing with Nicco’s asshole and, of course this turns Nicco on. He rolls back on the sofa, legs in the air and Marek buries his face in Nicco’s hole and works his tongue as far in as it will possibly go. With his hole loose and ready, Nicco, first jumps over on top of Marek; slowly sitting down on Marek’s cock which is rock hard for action. But, it’s not long before Nicco stands up; kneeling onto the sofa with his ass in the air pointed at Marek. Marek slides his cock back into Nicco’s waiting hole and goes back to fucking him with every inch that Nicco can take. These two young studs evidently forgot the cameras and their shyness because after a few more fucking positions later both are extremely primed for release. Marek pulls out just in time as he squirts his cum all over Nicco’s ass and balls before sliding his cum soaked cock back into Nicco’s waiting ass. This was all Nicco needed. He grabs his cock, turns around and shoots an incredible load of jizz all over Marek’s stomach and cock. Even though they were a little shy at the beginning these two young studs delivered in the end.
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