Kaleb Michaels is helping his neighbor move some large rocks for a project; but while he’s moving them he realizes that he’s alone, out in nature and wants to have a little play time. Kaleb rips off his shirt and begins rubbing his chest in the warmth of the sun. He slides his hand down over his shorts feeling his manhood, getting more and more aroused with every rub of his hand. Kaleb lets his shorts fall to the ground leaving him standing in his underwear rubbing his ass and crotch intermittently. He pulls off his underwear and begins massaging his ass; but, the heat is a little much. Grabbing his clothes Kaleb goes in search of a cooler place for his little work out. Stripping down again, Kaleb sits on the edge of a planter and takes his cock in hand. Leaning back he begins stroking his cock; thoroughly getting into the moment. Kaleb moves over to the grass where first on his knees; but, finally on his back he blows his creamy load of jizz all over his cock and stomach. Who says nature can’t be stimulating.
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