Our two studs Jonathan Linz and Lou Devane have just cleaned up the breakfast dishes, and they are so horny that they start making out right there on the table. They pull each other’s shirts off, revealing their silky smooth torsos. Lou wastes no time yanking off Jonathan’s pants, and then quickly strips out of his own shorts revealing a thick uncut piece of meat framed by just the perfect amount of blonde pubic hair. They kiss for a while, and then Jonathan decides he has to have his buddy’s cock right now and goes to town sucking on it. He is clearly enjoying himself while he sucks, as his own chubby starts growing and hardening. He continues to work on Lou’s cock, focusing on the sensitive crown and foreskin… and you can tell by Lou’s tightening balls that he is really turned on. At this point, Lou is getting a little too close to the edge and is not ready to cum yet… so he flips Jonathan over on his back, and starts returning the blowjob by bobbing up and down on Jonathan’s now rock hard shaft. Lou bends Jonathan in half to access his sweet hole, and begins to lick and prep the hot love tunnel with spit for what is about to come. Lou than squats and straddles Jonathan while he is still on his back with his knees to his chest, giving Lou perfect access to start fucking his buddy. They fuck like this for a good long while, and then Lou lies down on his back so that Jonathan can straddle him, and bob up and down on his thick sheathed cock from above. Lou is hitting Jonathan’s prostate just right, and Jonathan can no longer hold it as he start shooting cum all over the place with Lou’s cock still planted inside him. Jonathan’s tightening and pulsing fuck tunnel sends Lou over the edge, as Jonathan pulls the condom off of Lou’s cock and starts pumping his shaft until he cums… squeezing out every last delicious drop with the foreskin sliding back and forth over the engorged head. Our lovers kiss passionately as we fade to black, but we know this is only the start of their sexcapades for the day.
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