Jirka Mendez wanted to hook up with Tomas Decastro from the very first time Jirka had watched Tomas in a video. Jirka knew that if he could get Tomas alone the chemistry between them would be incredible, so an invitation was sent and Tomas accepted. Sitting on the sofa with Tomas seated in front of him Jirka massages and kisses Tomas; pulling at his shirt. Jirka gets up and moves in front of Tomas; grabbing his shirt, he rips it off of Tomas and then effectively begins to devour Tomas with his lips and tongue. Jirka loosens Tomas’ pants with one hand as he continues to kiss Tomas’ chest and when the pressure is released on Tomas’ pants his hard cock springs to attention and Tomas goes to work sucking and stroking it. Jirka stands up, pulls down his pants exposing us to his very erect cock. Tomas lies down on the sofa and Jirka climbs on top and both studs start sixty-nineing each other until Jirka wants a taste of something else Tomas has to offer. Tomas kneels on the sofa with his ass in the air and Jirka wastes no time burying his tongue deep in Tomas’ hole. Jirka woks Tomas’ hole with his tongue and finger making sure the hole is primed and ready for his cock; which when ready slides right in up to the shaft. Jirka continues to pound Tomas’ ass feverishly until Tomas takes his cock in hand and with a few intense strokes he squirts his jizz all over his stomach and chest. Jirka pulls out in time to squirt a thick load of cum all over Tomas’ balls and cock. Our two studs finish with a few kisses before they head off to clean up in the showers.
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