Jerome Reynolds and Lewis Grant had been playing a drinking game and apparently both dudes drank too much and they fell asleep at the table where they were drinking. Jerome wakes first, moves everything off the table and notices something stiff in his pants. Loosening his shirt and pants, Jerome sits down on the table next to the still sleeping Lewis. Sitting next to Lewis, Jerome grabs his cock and starts stroking it; working it harder and harder. Jerome did not see Lewis awaken as he was busy with his cock; but, Lewis is intrigued with what Jerome is doing so he loosens his own pants, releasing his fully erect dick from the confines of his jeans. Looking back, Jerome realizes he is caught and he kneels up on the table top. Faced with Jerome’s huge cock hanging in front of his mouth, Lewis sucks it down and gives it a tongue bath like no other. Jerome motions for Lewis to stand up and Jerome lies across the table so that he can get to Lewis’ cock which he in turn woofs down and the two wind up sucking and teasing each other’s cocks until Lewis takes both cocks in his hand and start stroking them both. After a few moments of stroking, both studs’ cocks blow a load of jizz all over Jerome’s chest and crotch. Not finished yet, Lewis climbs up on the table and straddles his asshole directly over Jerome’s mouth so that Jerome can work and loosen his hole with his tongue before Lewis sits his ass right down on Jerome’s fully erect cock. With his own cock standing at attention without any hand assistance, Lewis bounces up and down on Jerome’s cock for the longest time; but, then he decides that Jerome needs to feel the burn of his cock. Turning Jerome around, Lewis drives his cock deep into Jerome’s ass. Obviously turned on with Lewis’ cock up his ass Jerome starts streaming cum out of his cock without any hand assistance; but, in grabbing his cock he finishes a thick creamy load all over the table. Lewis pulls out just in time and shoots his load of creamy jizz all over Jerome’s balls and the floor. Two very hot studs in a very hot scene!
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