Akos Matyas and Tibor Mokany drive out to a field in the countryside. We see the two strip naked, and lay out a blanket and drink wine. At some point later, we find Akos asleep in the field, while Tibor throws Akos’s clothes from the car, and drives off. Now alone and lost, Akos is picked up by Atilla Sipos and Marko Nagy in a horse and buggy, and ride off. Meanwhile, Tibor has stopped at a crossroads where rethinks what has happened, He and Akos, under the influence of the wine, had sucked the cum out of one another in the field ealier. Repentent, Matyas turns back to look for Akos. Meanwhile, Atilla and Marko take Akos to a barn, where they pull off his clothes, and rim and suck him simultaniously, until they extract his warm cream. Akos reciprocates by sucking both men’s cocks, causing them to shoot hot loads on his face. Atilla and Marko then take turns fucking Akos until all three men have fired another round of pop shots. Then it’s time for Marko to give his ass up to Atilla, while sucking on Akos’ cock until each man has unloaded yet another load of spunk.
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