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  • Hogtied
    on December 10, 2018 at 5:12 am

    Blond twink Julian Bell has been a bad boy purposely in hopes that hot, heavy handed Johnny Hands notices his naughty ways and will deliver the appropriate punishment. Bell has been waiting patiently outside Mr. Hands lusty lair tied up with red rope and ready to get raunchy. When Julian can no longer take the sexy suspense, he cums begging at the foot of Mr. Big Hands bed. Johnny finally gives the gorgeously smooth blond boy AND, his amazing ass complete cock stretching, ass worshiping attention. Since Bell has already tied his tight twink frame up half way, Hands hogties the hottie's undone ankles to his wrists, leaving his hot hole up and ready for play. Never one to miss an opportunity, Mr. Hands starts Bell's booty beating with the book he was reading before Bell came begging . After putting those hard covered pages to good use, our ass master moves on, cracking Julian's juicy plump posterior with a riding crop which turns the twink's tush a tasty crimson red. Bell moans, absorbing every moment of the butt beating with painful pleasure. After completely controlling Julian's junky trunk, Hands sits back on the bed like the boss he is, leaving Bell booty up at the foot of his bed like a porny pet puppy at his master's mercy. […]

  • Vegas Nights: Part Two
    on December 8, 2018 at 5:12 am

    Jealous much? Joey Mills claims he's cool with his boyfriend, Angel Rivera, checking out the hot dancers at the club, even when they realize one of the gorgeous Go-Go guys is Angel's ex, Corbin Colby. To prove how unfazed he is, Joey suggests a threesome. Surprised but game, Angel asks Corbin if he wants to chill. And that's when things get hot! […]

  • School Slammer
    on December 7, 2018 at 5:12 am

    Riley Finch has been a bad boy at school and had to stay after for detention as a result. Lucky for him, he has tasty twink Trevor Harris waiting for him when he finally arrives home. Being the good boyfriend he is, Harris offers to take Riley's mind off his school day from hell with a little sexual healing. Finch totally forgets about detention and instantly focuses on his big dicked boy toy who's already got his tongue down his throat and a hand on his crotch. Riley is ripe for the picking and raring to go and! He climbs on top of Trevor who slides his huge hands down the dude's pants to grab a fistful of ass. Riley inches his was down Harris' hot body, kissing his chiseled six pack as an appetizer to the dude's thick dick which he's about to destroy. Riley runs his tongue down the sides of the stretched out schlong while deep throating as much of the massive meat he can fit down his groin hungry gullet. After the hard work Finch put into Harris' huge hog, he's confident his cock deserves some attention too. He stands up with a bulging crotch that beckons Trevor to take a taste. Harris goes ham on the boy's boner, slamming his cock sucker all the way down while cupping Riley's smooth caboose 'round the back. Hard and horny Finch tells Trevor he's "ready to ride your dick!" The guys whip their pants from around their ankles at lightning speed and Harris grabs his guy AND his groin and guides Finch onto his fat phallus for the raw ride of his life! Moans of pleasure, lip smacking wet kisses and rhythmic ramming on the leather couch fill the air as Harris hammers his bad boy every which way. Then, in a sexy surprise, bottom boy Riley turns top and, quite a good one! After all, he DOES have some delicious equipment! The now top twink tears Trevor's tight tunnel UP, smashing his sizable salami in Harris' hot little hole while caressing his smooth flesh. Our beautiful bottom let's ramming Riley know he's getting close and Riley takes the massive matter into his own hand, giving Harris a reach around till his giant jock spits it's white hot spunk all over the black couch. Finch let's the spitting, extra large love lance loose only to grab his own. He hoses Harris' arched back down with a lusty load of dick then, shoves his throbber back in to deliver the rest of it's wet wrath. The dynamic duo kiss full on the lips then fall back on the cum covered leather couch in post coital/post detention bliss. […]

  • Introducing Micah West
    on December 5, 2018 at 5:12 am

    Micah West is a slim, sexy, lanky 18 year old dude from Charlottesville Virginia. This is his first ever fuck flick and we've paired him with the perfect porn pro to make him feel comfortable and bring him out of his shell. Andy Taylor keeps a raunchy round of rapid, quick fire questions pummeling the dirty blond because, we like to get to know our guys before gettin' down to the nitty gritty. Taylor's peppery personality is perfect and has the normally shy guy sharing sexy secrets in seconds. We learn West loves blond twinks, rough sex AND he's a top! As soon a Taylor hears THAT, he grabs the guy's hand and heads for the hills to make some magic! Andy's intuition about white hot West was right and the sultry voiced sexy boy comes alive in the bedroom with a ravenous, rugged country boy quality that has ALL of us standing at attention. Andy reaches for the ample appendage bulging through the dude's denim. He drops to his knees and comes face to face with the fat nine incher before taking a breath and swallowing every big, beautiful inch. He slurps, gags and gobbles the girthy groin the like twink porn god he is then, slaps himself in the face with the fat phallus just to keep himself good and grounded. Micah picks up his prick sucker, tosses him on the bed and then shows us how a wild, tow truck driving country boy sucks cock. Which, is fucking fantastic by the way! After tantalizing Taylor's front, West wets his whistle with the brunette's smooth bubble butt. Andy arches his bronze back so Micah can munch butt deliciously deep before pulling his prey to the edge of the bed and serving him a heaping helping of bareback cock, balls deep from the first thrust. West wasn't fucking around when he said he likes it rough.This country cock slinger fucks like a man in control who knows what he wants. The dirty blond top tears into Taylor's ass, slamming the slut's butt with hard hitting strokes while keeping him in control with a hand to the throat every now and again. Andy enjoys being manhandled and doesn't stopped stroking his stone hard schlong once. With his legs in the air and West wailing wang inside him, Taylor tightens his grip on his groin, unleashing an EPIC load that shoots all the way up to that beautiful face of his! The sight is pure porn poetry in motion and sends Micah AND his meat into orgasmic overdrive! The lanky lad lays on the bed and Andy plants his pretty face right in the line of fire. West splatters sperm like a spitting sprinkler, covering all the places on Andy's mug his own appendage didn't already take care of. […]

  • Sebastian Fox Solo Session
    on December 4, 2018 at 5:12 am

    It doesn't get any fresher than 18 year old first timer Sebastian Fox! The Arizona exhibitionist is sexy and confident while talking about his penchant for public hook ups; however, he REALLY comes to life when walking us through his first time with a guy, which just happened to be at FOOTBALL CAMP! #Hot The delectable, young dude dives into delicious detail which naturally gets director Max Carter horned up and excited to get to the guy's goods. And so, he does! Sebastian strips slowly, caressing his trim frame while eye fucking the camera and creating cock stiffening suspense by leaving his undies on. He invites Carter closer with just a look; so, Max reaches down and massages the massive bulge forming in the boy's straining briefs. He works Sebastian's schlong to it's full potential before unleashing the beast. The big bone bounces out with impressive heft. The flagpole sized phallus is formidable but, Max is always willing to lend a friend a helping hand. He gives the guy a hot handy using long strokes on the hero hog. Fox is blessed on both sides and Carter does a thorough ass inspection: probing, spanking and caressing the boy's beautiful bottom with his big hands. The giant jock fills the entire frame while they both take turns tag teaming the twink's lubed up love lance. Fox fingers his hot hole and cranks up the heat then, fires a fuck load of lust liquid onto his tight, teen torso. Max goes in and milks the monster, making sure every silky ounce of ooze is drained from the dude's long dong. […]

  • Vegas Nights: Part One
    on December 1, 2018 at 5:12 am

    When Julian Bell directs Cameron Parks to take him to a house in the suburbs, the limo driver knows something is up. It doesn't take any prying for the blond bombshell to open up and tell Cameron that he's on his way to fuck Corey Marshall, a guy he's been sexting for years. Seeing as how hookups are Vegas' claim to fame, Cameron is entirely unfazed. That is until he realizes that Julian is exceptionally nervous. When Cameron digs deeper, he learns that Julian's ready to explore a new kink and anticipating a good old-fashioned "daddy" dick down from Mr. Marshall. […]

  • Bang Boys
    on November 30, 2018 at 5:11 am

    Cock extending chemistry cruises through these two horny teens the second they appear on screen. Dustin Cook has his tongue down Jack Phillip's throat and a hand down his pants when we join the two twinks playing tonsil hockey on the bed. Cook cuts to the chase and lets Jack know he needs a knob gobbling and the horned up hottie happily obliges with a deep throat slam down on the dude's thick dick. Dustin wants a taste too; so, he has Phillips inch forward on the bed till he's directly above him. Cook pulls at the guy's elastic, allowing that huge hog to flop right into his mouth. Dustin devours the big, beautiful beast like the bone smoking bastard he is while Phillips gives him a hot hand job down below. The peen pendulum in his face is hypnotizing and causes a deep hunger in Dustin's hot little hole.So, he climbs on top of the twink and slams his ham down on the dude's bareback boner while bobbing that booty up and down with delight. The sexy butt sluts switch it up as Cook uncorks and Jack gets on all fours in front of him, hungry for a hammering of his own. Dustin slides every inch inside and dicks the dude down! He pulls pretty boy's booty back towards his bone by keeping his hands on his hips or shoulders so he can slam schlong at optimum speed. Then, Dustin wraps his arms fully around the fine ass fella for a kiss before hopping back on the bed with his legs in the air. Jack jams his juicy Johnson back up the boy's butt and Cook keeps a hand on his thigh as he does to pull that peen deeper inside himself. Dustin delivers some sexy dirty talk about Phillips' super sized schlong which gets Jack's jock pumping at porn star speed. Dustin's breath quickens and his cock tosses white hot ecstasy all over his smooth stomach. Jack keeps pumping till he busts inside the boy's twitching tunnel, coating his hole with a hefty load of cum. The panting pretty boys kiss as Phillips falls onto Cook's cum soaked torso lip locked in lust. […]

  • Spitroasted
    on November 28, 2018 at 5:11 am

    Blond cutie Clay Turner is one lucky lad, flanked by beef cake boys Blake Mitchell and Corbin Colby as they inspect his jock strap clad caboose. The young dude's derrire is divine and naturally causes the guy's sex soldiers to stand at full attention. Clay helps the rock hard hotties get their huge hogs out; then, he gives them a proper polishing. He sucks schlong like a skier with a pole in each hand, sloshing on each epically large appendage with ample appreciation. Blake hops up on the bed and the colossally cocked duo's twink team work begins. Mitchell orchestrates the erotic adventure, having Corbin tongue fuck the twink's tush while he gets a scalding hot hummer. After wetting his whistle, Corbin tells Turner to lay on his back; then, he lays some serious pipe on the porn pretty boy, keeping the jock on for added effect. Blake throws dick down both boy's thirsty throats before laying back and lubing up. Clay can't resist the invitation when offered a seat on Mr. Mitchell's wild ride and squats down on the bareback battering ram. He rides the big rig while paying close attention to Colby's big beast and, his commands. Corbin helps his bang buddy Blake our with a few feisty fuck commands to the twink before Clay climbs on top of his huge hammer. Turner trampolines that thick dick while remembering his raunchy responsibilities to Blake's rager. Then, in a porn perfect moment, Mr. Mitchell saunters up behind his buddy and slides his slick schlong inside Corbin's big, meaty booty bareback. After that, our big boys are about to blow; and, what better place than pretty boy's face! Clay gets a mouth AND, face fill of jock jizz before his own, MORE than ample appendage explodes. Turner's "O" face looks extra lusty covered in the guy's goo as his own load just keeps on cummin' and cummin'! Corbin and Blake congratulate the lusty lad on a job well done and he smiles, exposing the cutest dimples in the world. […]

  • Cock Jockeys
    on November 27, 2018 at 5:11 am

    Kurt Niles and Milo Harper come on hot and heavy from the start in this big bone, bareback bang fest. The horny brunette hotties make out like a couple of high schoolers and can't help but take it to the next level once they feel one another's big bulges cum to life, filling their pants with a promise of a mighty fine fucking. Milo drops to his knees and teases Kurt's shredded stomach with kisses before pulling at his colorful undies to release the big beast inside. His formidable phallus flops out looking majestic as fuck and Milo manages to get the massive piece of meat down his throat with a little help from Nile's hand at the back of his head. Kurt felt Harper's huge hog earlier and has been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to take on the immense appendage and he tells Milo in no uncertain terms. He pulls down the dude's appropriate "Trophy Boy" briefs and his boastful boner bounces out. Milo straddles Kurt's cock sucker and fucks his face like a champ before lifting Nile's legs in the air and annihilating his ass with that wide weapon. Harper piston pumps the guy's tiny pucker like a meat wielding maniac while Kurt's cock points north in each naughty position. Harper is not stranger to anal pleasures and wants his hole filled as well; so, he climbs up on the bed and sits right down on the dude's thick, throbbing dick. His uncut cock slaps Kurt's ripped abs as he bounces up and down on that D, getting deeper with every beautiful bareback bounce. Niles unplugs only to plunge his perfect piece back in doggy style. He hits Harper from the back hard, hammering his prostate till his bone explodes all over the bed, leaving a trail of breadcrumb cum drops that show his path of pleasure. Kurt puts the peen pedal to the metal and doesn't stop till he's creamed all up in Milo's crack. He slaps Harper's butt cheeks with his still hard hog, getting every gooey drop out onto Milo's meaty ass before they seal this slam with one more kiss. […]

  • Bubble Bath
    on November 24, 2018 at 5:11 am

    Bathtub buddies Jared Scott and Marcell Tykes turn into butt buddies in this steamy bareback bathroom bang! The guys share an enormous tub right next to a mirror, which gives us DOUBLE the porny pleasure. Sultry, splish-splashing foreplay gets the twink's tallywhackers pointing north and Tykes crarves more than just a taste of Scott's sizable surfboard. So, Jared hops up on the tub's ledge and gives his guy's throat a wet workout. Marcell has divine dick sucking skills and looks delicious bobbing up and down on that "D" as his bubble butt bounces, breaking the water's surface. After tickling Tykes' tonsils, Jared jams his face in Marcell's magnificent muscle butt for an epic ass eating. He wraps his arms under the boy's legs and licks ass like a man possessed, priming the porn star's pretty pucker with his tongue, a few fingers and a few spankings for good measure. Wet and ready, Marcell braces himself on all fours for some serious bareback bang time. Scott gives his guy's smooth seat one more lick then, he slides that super sized schlong up pretty boy's beautiful back side. Jared let's the lad adjust to his oversized appendage with slow strokes before putting the peen pedal to the medal. The dynamic dick lovers make good use with every available inch of tub.... AND Jared's jock! After Scott dirty dogs his dude, Tykes takes a ride on the horse hung hog. He faces his fuck stud face first before bouncing on that bad boy, cock to cam. Marcell closes his eyes in absolute ecstasy as he cranks up the heat on his hog. He releases every erotic desire from that thick dick of his into the water as the after shocks splatter onto his beautiful bronze body. And, while Jared's giant blasts liquid lust, Tykes eases his amazing ass back just a bit. This allows Scott to bust all over Tykes' buttery smooth skin. Jared's jizz jets out of his giant junk then, comes careening down onto Marcell's main muscle. The guys get good and dirty; so, they'll definitely need another bangtastic boy bath after this bust heavy, hammer slam. […]