My name is Diego Rafa Huerco and I’m from Cali. I’m here to get some quick cash and nut; why do it for free when you guys are willing to pay? Signing on with, I meet up with the director and Rave Hardick to film. Here at the park, I like to tease; my girlfriend says I have a cute ass and she loves my thick cock. Once at the hotel, I piss and take a shower. Lying on the bed, I did say I would show you my toys; this is my time and I hope you like it. Getting hard is really fun for me, I tug until the blood flows right. Lubing up a glass-beaded dildo, I work it in and move it around. Opened up, I then go for the dildo; this is my favorite one, the vibrator gets me right where I like it. I know Rave is filming me and he said he would do so nude, but damn, that boy is hung. He stands right above me, dangling his cock and zooming in on mine. Teasingly, I spread my legs and stretch my hole then go back to the toys. Edging, I tug and nut all over my torso; my gal loves my huge loads and we usually end up snowballing them.


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