Daren Hecker loves muscles and all he could think of was touching and rubbing Mario Rafanelli. We join these two studs standing in the living room with Daren sensually massaging Mario’s muscles thru his shirt. Daren lifts Mario’s shirt over his head and begins working his hands all over Mario’s chest and arms. Daren reaches down, unzips Mario’s pants and slides them to the floor so that he could get his hands into Mario’s underwear. Definitely excited at Daren’s touch, Mario’s cock is standing at attention and looking for more as Daren reaches around continuing to massage Mario’s perfectly toned body. Daren slips out of his clothes and presses his naked body against Mario as he licks at Mario’s nipples. Kneeling down, Daren begins licking and kissing Mario’s cock as he reaches back and grabs a bottle of oil. Daren stands up and begins slowly squirting the oil onto Mario’s naked body. As the oil begins to run down Mario’s body, Daren begins slowly rubbing it in, making sure every inch of Mario is covered with the shiny oil. Daren turns around and backs up to Mario and begins working the oil with his ass and back, stimulating Mario’s cock, making it harder and harder. Kneeling down again, Daren sucks up Mario’s cock giving him a suck job that any of us would be jealous over. Finally Daren has Mario lie down on the sofa and crawling on top of him, Daren continues to massage Mario’s back and ass muscles, slowly working Mario’s hole with his fingers and finally his tongue. Mario rolls over on his back and Daren goes to work on Mario’s cock, sucking and jerking it until Mario erupts with thick load of cum squirting all over his cock and stomach.
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