It’s been a minute since I’ve been on so I figured I would come back and see what heat I could produce for you. Out in the garden, I give a little look-see as I walk to the hot tub; not usually my style of underwear, but I’ve heard you guys like the backdoor aspect. Stroking my cock is nothing new, with a baby, I’m usually fending for myself when it comes to sex; as a performer, a hands-on approach is always fun. Standing is my favorite position so as I tug, I work my hips and edge. The heat is starting to fire up in me and my sweat begins to drip, I’m hot-natured. Moving to a long table to release, I thrust my cock through my hands. Close, I picture my girlfriend on the end of my cock awaiting the spread; lunch is served. This sexy model is our own Damien Long.


Category: Straight Guys
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