We pick up with Tony on his knee’s feeding on Pablo’s cock. Pablo spins Tony around and props his head against the bed for a throat fucking and some ball worship while Tony continues stroking himself. Picking Tony up off the floor, Pablo tosses him onto the bed and gloves up. Before inserting his cock, Pablo goes in with his tongue. With Tony’s hole wet, Pablo slides in fucking the boy missionary before turning him over on his stomach. Pablo wraps a tie around Tony’s waist and doubles it around his fist giving us the impression this is going to be a wild ride. Moving Tony further onto the bed, Pablo mounts him doggie style and gives him a few slaps on that cute little ass. From behind the two, our cameraman gives us a great shot of the action; I love seeing Pablos’ sexy ass from this angle. Flipping Tony back over on his back, Pablo fucks him missionary. This has tony tugging away at his own cock until he unloads on his stomach while Pablo keeps going. Seeing Tony blow his load brings Pablo to the edge. Pablo pulls out and blows on Tony’s stomach adding to the pool of jizz. Ah yes, a meal fit for a king!


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