From the rooftop of his crumbling building, the vampire (Marko Nagy) observes the city of Budapest below. Elsewhere in the city, we find handsome brunet Tomas Krus on his balcony overlooking the Danube until night falls, and the full moon raises. Tomas strips and falls asleep on his antique bed when the vampire materializes nude and hard beside him. Unable to waken, the vampire eats Tomas’s ass, causing him to pop his load, before the vampire coats Tomas’ ass with hot cum. The next day, as Tomas walks through the city streets, he continually runs into the vampre, disguised in black suit and dark glasses. Freaked out, Tomas ducks into an ancient Turkish bath, where he discovers groups of hot men having sex at every turn. When Tomas takes enters a large hot water pool, nine lusting men descend upon him like a flock of vultures. The nine men in question are Arpad Miklos, Gyula Eros, Imre Metzger, Reszo Farkas, Gabor Branics, Attila Sipos, Joska Tenta, Tibor Mokany, and Gabor Parhon, and they all want a piece of Tomas. After the men have coated Tomas with their cum, the ten man orgy continues with sucking and fucking in every imaginable position, until many, many loads of cum have been spilled!
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