We join Malik TN in the more traditional black Nike and Pti Pain in the flashier Nike’s. Malik has been eyeballing Pain from a distance when he approaches with a huge bulge in his shorts. Pti Pain has the cure for what ails Malik and waste no time starting “treatment” on his thick member. Treatments of this nature do require the use of his Nike and Malik starts to respond to the treatment with his thighs and hips quivering. Engaging in the final stages of treatment, Malik will need a condom and penetrate Pti Pain’s “hole of rehabilitation.” I think Malik likes this part of his treatment. We even get a close up of how it works. To keep the treatment from getting stagnant, Pain allows Malik to change up positions from one side of the room to the other, from doggy style to Pain riding him. When Malik stands and blows a creamy stream of jizz all over the Nike, followed by Pain, this treatment is done.

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