Out for a jog, Manu Parker comes across Enzo Rimenez looking to hook up. Looks like Manu is going to get a bit of a different type of cardio exercise. After some “warm up kissing,” Enzo drops his pants and Manu drops to his knee’s. We haven’t seen Enzo on FrenchDudes for a while, but he certainly is looking mighty fine; toned body, hard muscles and gorgeous ass. It’s Manu’s lucky day 🙂 Speaking of beautiful asses, Enzo spins Manu around and takes his runners down to check out his nice “all natural terrain” rump. Not one to waste time with gauging, Enzo gloves up and slides in from behind. After a good “cardio” workout, the two men finish up with Manu sucking Enzo to climax. Enzo stands and delivers a thick creamy load all over Manu’s chest.

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