With the day’s weather rainy and dismal, Andrew Alexander heads down to the local health club to spend some time in the sauna. Upon entering the sauna, he discovers he’s not alone. He finds Illane relaxing in the sauna as well. Their eye’s meet and exchange glances. When Andrew exposes himself, Illane doesn’t wait for a written invitation and slides over to service Andrew’s cock. When Illane squats in front of Andrew, that will get everyone’s attention seeing his cock and balls hanging between his legs. The two men now leave the sauna and head to a room where they pick back “up” the action. Illane gets Andrew back to full measure, then lays on his stomach on the mat. Andrew teases Illane slapping his cock on his ass and hole before sliding in. Once Andrew gets his fat cock inside Illane, he starts out slow and steady. Picking up speed with his thrusts, Illane voices his approval. A pause in the action as they change positions. With the two men laying side by side, the camera zooms in for a close up. When Andrew is ready to blow, he pulls out and unloads a thick load all over Illane’s ass. Illane then turns over and jerks himself off as Andrew looks on with the rest of us.

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