I borrowed a couple scenes from the G.I.Jizz DVD featuring Bricks Austin. In the first scene Bricks and Joey Intenso flip fuck; it’s only fair when you’re packing and have sweet holes like theirs. These two muscle fucks go at it orally and anally. "Puckering up" first, Bricks takes all of Joey and he pounds him in various ways, slapping his ass throughout. "Rocking the lockers," Bricks tops as Joey "grabs the pole." Blowing on Joey’s hole, Bricks then gets "creamed" by his partner as well. In scene two, Bricks takes "in" Ennio Guardi; same locker room, same hot "outcum." Sucking Ennio, Bricks is on his knees until Ennio "falls for a lick." Taking a "meat-ing," the bottom gets fucked in different positions. The slow thrusting is taken over by Bricks as he straddles Ennio and rides the boy into orgasm. Jerking, Bricks spills his load onto the top’s chest and neck; messy, but a very happy ending by both.

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