In this scene, Kamel is the lucky guy chosen for Matt Nantes first video with FrenchDudes. Let’s see how he does with our little tiger, Kamel. Up first, how about those oral skills Matt? Let’s see how you do with Kamel’s little monster. Oh, did we fail to mention that Kamel can be a little aggressive and dominating at times? Sorry about that. Well, so far so good as Kamel looks at the camera with a smile of approval. Then the cameraman gives us a peek at Matt’s sexy hole and Kamel gives us a “smile and a wink” while we get a good look at Matt’s “winker.” Kamel dives in to Matt’s ass mouth first for a “full flavor test” before sliding on a condom to see just how tight our newcummer is. Bent over the back of the sofa, Matt takes it all in and Kamel starts pounding his hole doggy style. Kamel mixes it up by fucking Matt “fast and hard” to “slow deep thrusts.” Throw in a couple cheek slaps just for good measure, and it’s easy to see this isn’t Matt’s first rodeo. When Kamel is ready to blow, and blow he does, Kamel lays back on the sofa jerking while Matt licks and sucks his balls.

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