In his search for Akos, Tibor peeks in the window of a village cottage where Arpad Miklos, Tomas Kruc and Robert Domotor are playing a Hungarian version of strip poker. Having already lost their last stitch of clothing, Tomas and Robert offer to continue the game, wagering a blow job to Arpad if they lose lose the next hand… Which of course they do! While Tomas and Robert suck the cum from Arpad’s dick, Tibor sneaks into the cottage, and offers a wager of his own. In a shake of a lambs tail, Tibor is sucking on all three men’s cocks, until they fire their hot spunk all at once. Afterwards, Tomas is carried to a table, where Arpad and Tibor take turns fucking him. Tomas blows his load while being fucked, and the other three studs fire their own cream all over Tomas. Then Arpad fucks Robert while Tibor fucks Tomas side by side. Which ends with yet another round of massive pop shots.
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