Hot Times in Little Havana Scene 5

Julio is still wandering around Miami looking for Jorge. He goes to a big gated estate but no one answers. Wandering around back, he discovers five hulking bodybuilders frolicking in the pool: Victor Garañon, Enrique Rodriguez, Marcio da Costa, Lajos Czene and Gyorgy Toth. They promise to give Jorge’s current address to Julio — if he sucks them off. Julio has no problem with that, and his sensuous lips and energetic oral technique are well showcased with these fat dicks. True to their word, they send him off with Jorge’s address, but the orgy continues inside the fancy house. There’s plenty of sucking and rimming before Marcio fucks Lajos and Victor fucks Gyorgy. The combination of the brown and white muscles of Marcio and Lajos is stimulating to say the least. Lajos is an expressive bottom, grimacing, gasping and puffing,he manages to cum while being fucked. So does Gyorgy, who gets the added bonus of sucking on Enrique’s beer can while being fucked.

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