Blair Denkan is up late finishing some work at his desk when his boyfriend Illane comes home. Illane pauses to kiss Blair and heads off to the shower. Blair is feeling “frisky” and joins Illane in the bathroom who is already hard himself. They kiss and Illane drops down to service Blair’s hard cock who slowly undresses while getting his cocked sucked. Then the two head back out to the Blair’s desk. They suck each other and do a little 69 on the desk before Blair slips on a condom. Illane lays on his back across the desk and Blair slides into home base. Illane strokes his hard cock while Blair continues to do his “work.” Blair stands Illane up and bends him over the desk; “fwap, fwap, fwap” as Blair pounds faster and harder. The two move to the sofa and Blair continues to pile drive Illane doggy style. Illane’s heavy breathing and moaning continues as he strokes his hard cock and the harder Blair pounds his hole the closer Illane gets to blowing his load. Not able to hold back any longer, Illane tells Blair he’s going to blow and rolls over on his back and let’s the cream fly. Blair cops a knee and jerks adding his own creamy deliciousness to Illane’s torso.

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