Gabriel and Robbie

26 year old Gabriel Phoenix met 29 year old Robbie Rojo in the park this afternoon and the chemistry was immediate. As Robbie gets up to walk off Gabriel follows. Robbie turns to see Gabriel following and it was immediately evident to each of them what the other wanted. Gabriel opens the door to his flat and no sooner had they walked in; when Gabriel, drops to his knees and unzips Robbie’s jeans. Gabriel pulls Robbie’s cock from its confines and eagerly swallows the whole thing. After a few moments Robbie returns the favor when he reaches up and helps Gabriel out of his pants. Robbie sucks up every single inch of Gabriel’s hot cock eagerly anticipating that Gabriel would fuck him with it. Gabriel kneels on the sofa; Robbie reaches for his jeans and pulls a condom from the pocket. Robbie slides the condom on over his thick, long cock and slowly pushes into Gabriel’s waiting hole. Once Gabriel is used to Robbie’s cock, Robbie begins fucking the shit out of Gabriel; but, it’s not long before these two hot studs want to switch positions as they both want their holes filled. Gabriel sits down on the sofa with his cock pointing straight up and Robbie slowly slides his ass down over Gabriel’s waiting cock. Robbie immediately begins bouncing up and down; his own rigid cock bouncing with the motion. Four intense fucking positions later have our two studs lying next to each other on the carpet. Gabriel is working his cock with his hand when he explodes and his load sprays all over Robbie’s chest and stomach. As Gabriel licks his own cum from Robbie’s chest; he moves down and starts sucking Robbie’s fully hard cock again. This puts Robbie over the edge and as Robbie takes his cock in hand again he shoots his creamy jizz all over his stomach and cock. As the camera fades away our two, hot studs fall into an exhausted; but, smiling kiss.
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