Thibault and Greg Kiff are chilling in the bedroom on a lazy day. “Chilling” might not be the correct word as Thibault gets other ideas that will “heat” things up. Thibault kisses Greg on the neck as he is looking at the laptop and from their, we’re off to the races. They start sucking each others cock, do some 69’ing, a little rimming and the action continues as Greg mounts Thibault bareback; no lube required, just a good old fashioned spit roast. Greg dominates Thibault from missionary and flipping him over on his side, then doggy style where Greg really heats things up. Faster and harder, hard deep thrusts to slow deep penetration, Greg rides his young boyfriend. Then Thibault switches up the action and mounts Greg lying on his back. They changes positions often before blowing their loads. First, it’s Greg pulling out to blow on Thibaults’ hole then shoves it back in. Then Thibault blows a nice creamy white load all over his stomach with Greg still inside him and they head to the shower.

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