Here to do my first shoot for, I am nervous and not sure what to expect. Gabe, the top in this scene, walks up to me, fully hard and ready to dominate. Fuck it, I’m Bi, and I’ll show you what gets me off. Blowing Gabe, I pull up his legs and lick his hole; I don’t think he was expecting it, but he does seem to enjoy the feeling. Reciprocating, he has his mouth busy on my dick; I tongue his feet; he grins and mimics my moves. I should have said something before we started, but I didn’t think I would get this excited. Sliding down onto his shaft, Gabe has a thick cock. Taking my breath, the sensations of pain and pleasure fill me. Pumping my hole from beneath me, this guy knows how to fuck; Gabe rolls me up and uses every bit of his cock. My body is going numb, but, my hole feels everything; each thrust massages my prostate. Panting heavily, the only thing I keep repeating is, yeah, yeah; I milk his cock. Close, Gabe comes up to my mouth and unloads. With a one up type grin, he says, I’ve got to piss. This was Alex Chu’s first adult video. Because of the boy’s rawness and gratification from various fetishes, he has subsequently been featured on and

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