Tof with the shaved head, and Doryan Marquet debut with us today here on FrenchDudes. We caught up with these two at the gym pumping iron. The two were cruising each other as they worked out and it was Doryan that made the first advance. Walking by Tof working on his upper body, they exchange glances as Doryan passed by. Tof got up and followed Doryan to a back corner of the gym. It quickly ends up with both men naked on the floor in a 69 position working out… err, “up” each others cock. Tof flips Doryan over on his back to take in the “full flavor” of his workout partner before sliding his cock in. Now the real workout begins! Doryan licks his armpit while Tof is doing some “stretch exercises” on his anal cavity. Tof rolls Doryan up onto his shoulders and pile drives his cock. From the sound effects Doryan is making, I’d say Tof is a good workout partner. The two change up positions throughout the scene and the camera gives us some great angles and closeups. The workout ends in the missionary positions with both men unloading their sacks at the same time. Now it’s time to hit the showers for these two sweaty cum coated guys.

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