27 year-old, London-born Gabriel Phoenix makes a return visit to Badpuppy and performs his first solo video. During the interview, we learn that Gabriel is primarily gay, likes the hunky, jock type and would prefer to dominate if possible; but, will bottom for the right guy. Gabriel pulls off his shirt; his furry chest is ripped and chiseled from working out. It becomes obvious that he can’t wait to get out of his underwear. He bends over the sofa, pulls the back of his underwear down just far enough to give us a view of his freshly hairless ass. It’ not long before his underwear hits the floor and Gabriel is sitting on the sofa with his rock-hard cock in his hand. He strokes his long, thick cock with one hand and fingers his hole with the other; keeping his cock stiff and his nuts tight. Gabriel lies back on the sofa; one hand tweaking his nipples as the other hand continues to pound his meat. His nuts tighten farther, his body coils up and his cock starts spraying jizz all over his stomach, chest and the sofa. As the last squirts of cum rush out, Gabriel starts to relax on the sofa wiping the cum down his furry chest.
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