3906 Jaxton Wheeler

Muscle stud Jaxton Wheeler never really focused on sex in his early years as he was more interested in focusing on building that incredibly sculpted body of his. Jaxton finishes a little interview for us before standing and posing his ripped physique. As he turns Jaxton rubs his cock thru his underwear; the thickness and length clearly visible thru the shorts. Pulling down his shorts his cock pops straight up and he grabs it with on hand and grabs the bottle of lube, squirting some into his hand before rubbing it into his dick. Between one hand jerking his cock and the other tweaking nipples or playing with his balls; it’s not long at all until Jaxton is ready to blow. When he does cum I imagine it’s with the same force as with his workouts. As he gets close it’s like his whole body tightens, the veins pop and with an explosive thrust, cum goes flying all over the place.
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